About Pameijer

At Pameijer we feel that everyone matters. Including you. We help you to spend your day in a meaningful way. You do your own cooking, make your own choices, have your own home, your own life. And perhaps even your own job. We do it together, but you are and remain in charge.

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How does it work?

Pameijer's basic principle is: do the things you are able to do by yourself. This is how we do it:

  1. You tell us what support you need and we work it out together.
  2. Together we look at what you are able to do by yourself. Because your qualities and wishes matter most.
  3. Together we look at what your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues can do for you.
  4. Where necessary, you will receive additional professional support, face to face and on-line.
  5. You are and remain in charge. About your life and the support.

What is the objective?

Pameijer helps you develop and recover, making you stronger and more independent. For some people this means learning or working, for others it means sorting out their households.

Where is it?

There are approximately 400 Pameijer-locations available for clients in the Rijnmond region and the islands in Zuid-Holland. In this region we also provide support for people and families at home. We call this 'mobile support'.

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